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{ blue skies are at the end of the road... }

we travel -- to become fools again..

wishing upon stars.
25 yrs // malaysian chinese girl from the beautiful country of Switzerland! °^___^° // recently graduated from my bachelor majoring in civil engineering // working as a project engineer in heavy construction (digging/constructing pits. haha!) // bit of an otaku // easily distracted // geeky (sometimes) // former fandom girl with occasional relapses // strong-minded // absolutely huge beer enthusiast // daydreamer // hopelessly romantic (but not the gooey kind of romantic) // stubborn - it's a work related disease


my family, my friends, tea, summer rains, cats , plushies, photoshop, writing, history, japan, travelling, cooking, gardening, piano, music, folklore, beer, learning languages, hiking, cultures, meeting new people, anime, ireland, zakka, hand-craft, scrapbooking, writing letters, neat handwritings, mountains, autumn, ...

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